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Alistair Sinclair Mackett Hoy

4/10/96 - 1/6/2011

About Us

Our dear young friend, Alistair Hoy, died suddenly in January 2011. During the last 16 days of his life - from his diagnosis to his death - he continued to model the way, positively determined to participate in cancer studies, planning to volunteer at Sick Kids Hospital upon his recovery. 


He spoke of his appreciation of everyday things like long hot showers, friends and family. He displayed a calm acceptance of his illness, and it’s disruptive and intrusive treatment. Even in his death, he forged ahead of us, on to his next adventure.

He inspired us to create this humble family foundation, serving as a constant reminder of our good fortune, and ability to give back to others in need.


Giving Back Life... In Abundance, in Memory!

Memory Trees is moving the social needle on poverty, hunger and good health. The organization is focused on delivering better access to resources for health.

Memory Trees Corporation 501.c.3:

  • Is serving a 4-year Consultative Status term with United Nations Economic and Social Council (2016)

  • Presented "10 Solutions to Poverty you may be Ignoring" to the United Nations in New York, on February 6, 2017

  • Is a Unique Abilities Partner to the Florida State Department of Economic Development (2017)

  • Has successfully completed more than 30 community revitalization projects; including urban farms, fitness & health facilities, complemented by ongoing empowerment and educational sessions.

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