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Community & Economic

Development Services

Visioning, Feasibility Studies & Gap Analysis research projects for funders, developers and commercial property owners; focused on community revitalization, rehabilitation and economic transformation 

Expert Design Services

2-D Design | 3-D Rendering | 3-D Modelling

Clients: Government Agencies, Condo Associations & HOAs, Corporations, Executive Estates, Property Developers and Investors

Click the link below to learn more about our community revitalization, analysis and design projects, and examples of recent client engagements.

Social Impact Investing

Minimum investment: US$100,000: Liquid assets (cash, stocks, etc.)

How it works

  1. Maintain ownership of your assets in a personal TD Ameritrade account.

  2. Provide access for us to manage and execute trades on your behalf. You may revoke this access at any time, without penalty.

  3. We will work with you to identify investments that fit your risk profile and determine a realistic expected return on investment; ensuring a match between our investment strategy and methodology, and your values.

  4. We agree on a rate, typically 35% of annual ROI achieved. This is our Management Fee. It will be donated to our Foundation (tax-exempt under IRS Code 501.c.3).

  5. Click here for more info, or to get started.​