FRESH [Road to Health]

Clients: Lower-income communities, people residing in USDA-designated food deserts, and people relying on social benefit programs (e.g. SNAP, WIC).


Program: Health, Diet and Nutrition education, using urban farms as hubs to engage communities. The creation of holistic solutions to the complex problem of poverty, and it's symptoms, like hunger and food insecurity.



  1. Better access to resources for health through Health, Diet and Nutrition education

  2. Equipping people with vocational, recreational and improved social skills related to meal preparation

  3. Knowledge and skills acquisition: students learn to create and prepare simple meal plans, using ingredients sourced from our urban farms and community gardens

  4. Healthy family meals at a cost of only a few dollars, per meal

  5. An introduction to food production, via Memory Trees urban farms and gardens, in their community