Handmade Guitars

Our primary luthier, António Pinto Carvalho, started learning his craft in 1961. His luthier skills were passed on to him by his grandfather who gained his knowledge from Porto’s 20th century “ancient school of guitar makers”. After losing his father at the age of 10, Carvalho started manufacturing handmade guitars. In 1976 Carvalho founded APC Musical Instruments. Today, he is globally recognized as an expert luthier. Working with Carvalho allows Memory Trees to support ~50 employees. We are proud to offer the touch of a luthier on each handmade instrument, making every guitar an artwork of unique beauty and sound.

How To Buy

Limited quantities/models of our handmade guitars & ukuleles are available in-store at our charitable gift shop (address below)

Buy guitars, ukuleles and accessories online. USPS shipping included (48 States). In stock products ship within 48 hours.

Dealers: Contact Us for availability, manufacturing lead times, and minimum order quantities 

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