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ZeroHunger connects hungry people to food!

Statement of need: Thousands of people experience hunger every day. Children are going to bed hungry at night. Schools and government agencies have become responsible for feeding our children, instead of focusing on educating them. Yet, more than 40% of food ends up in landfill.

Thus, we do not have a food shortage problem, but rather a connectivity problem between people who are hungry and sources of food. ZeroHunger bridges that gap, by connecting people who are food insecure, quickly and efficiently, to local sources of food. ZeroHunger also features agencies that provide healthcare and hygiene services, and organizations that help to address homelessness.

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GreenSTEAM is our flagship, after-school program. We work to educate children about STEAM-related topics. The GreenSTEAM curriculum includes:

  • Environmentally-focused activities, including teaching children how to plant, nurture and eventually harvest fresh produce.

  • Innovative STEM-related workshops, where children learn the basics of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math in interactive, fun workshops;

  • Field trips to nature preserves, greenhouses, working farms, etc. where the children interact hands-on with STEAM specialists and instructors; and

  • Ongoing quizzes and simple tests to gauge the attendees' learning, adoption and interest in the different GreenSTEAM topics they experience.

Clients: Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Program: Business Startup | Financial Management | Financial Literacy

Outcome: Equipping aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge required to go from zero (concept) to hero (execution)

Curriculum includes:

  • Leadership: An introduction to self-employment. Balancing stress, family and business.

  • Business/Personal Financial Management + understanding a Balance Sheet and P&L.

  • Legislative requirements. Types of entities. Registrations, Intellectual Property, etc.

  • Startups: Financial resources. Taxes. Readiness tools. Requirements, etc.

  • Startup launch and go-to-market strategy.

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TeleMedicine provides direct access to licensed medical practitioners from the comfort of your job site, home or office, 24/7 via the web, telephone or video chat.


For a minimal fee of less than $20/family/month (lower rates for singles), subscribers can:

  • Connect with a doctor, nutritionist, mental counsellor, or other licensed practitioners

  • Have a prescription sent to their local drugstore for pickup or delivery

  • Ask an advisor to review billings by other medical providers, for example, a hospital bill for services rendered that seem to be invoiced at an excessive amount, or rate, for the services delivered to the patient 


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