Recognizing the enormity of the challenges our society faces, Memory Trees is dedicated to making a lasting impact through our campaigns and programs. Our efforts are driven by our singular focus - No Poverty - but we spread a wide net by investing in a variety of progressive strategies. Learn more about our initiatives and how you can get involved.

Memory Trees is registered as a tax-exempt, public charity under IRS Code 501(c)3

A DAF is a charitable, donor advised investment account, administered by Memory Trees.

Donors can open a Memory Trees Donor Advised Fund (DAF) by making a contribution and receiving an immediate tax deduction. A contribution to a DAF is an irrevocable gift. The DAF is expertly managed by Memory Trees. Our Fund Manager will invest the funds in competitive investment vehicles. Donors do not control the DAF funds, but they are able to recommend grants to charitable organizations and causes they wish to support.

Memory Trees invites HNW Individuals, Family Offices and Donors to open DAFs that are free of political, religious or media interference, 100% focused on the causes they wish to support. 

ZeroHunger connects people to food, healthcare, hygiene, and services for homelessness, instantly, wherever they might be located.

Program: A charitable STEM-based education program that offers hands-on learning, overseen by a qualified mentor/educator: Students conduct online data research, gathering data to populate ZeroHunger. The progam curriculum provides an introduction to computer science, data analytics, manipulation and interpretation of data, and data input. Once the research data has been collected, analyzed, and verified for entry, the students input and upload the approved data into a hosting server.

ZeroHunger features geo-tracking to help identify a user's unique location, and then instantly connects the user to the nearest agencies that provide assistance. Use of ZeroHunger is free and 100% anonymous. ​ZeroHunger features a dynamic listing of charitable service agencies that is updated regularly, and available 24/7

This charitable progam is sonsored in part by:


Frank L Weyenberg Charitable Trust


Ten Finger Guitars is a 5-day, apprentice, guitar-building program that incorporates mentorship, woodworking, machining and electrical engineering. We teach necessary and related skills in math, science, and problem solving, while creating a one-of-a-kind musical instrument that the student gets to keep.

Program: Ten Finger Guitars is a STEM-based, job/skills training program. We accept donations from Foundations, Family Offices and Private Donors, that cover the cost of the program and materials, for attendees from underserved backgrounds. 

Cost per attendee: $995

Junior Creators converts a student’s imagination into visual content!

Program: STEM-based education, requiring:

  1. A laptop or mobile device able to connect to the Internet;

  2. A fee of $400/student/course (4 sessions @ $100 each; includes a high-def webcam with stereo sound capabilities);

  3. Target audience: Middle School Students (age 11+); and

  4. Class Size: 6-10 students per workshop

We accept donations from Foundations, Family Offices and Private Donors, that cover the cost of the program and materials, for attendees from underserved backgrounds. 

Telemedicine Image.png

TeleMedicine provides direct access to licensed medical practitioners from the comfort of your job site, home or office, 24/7 via the web, telephone or video chat.

For a minimal fee of less than $30/family/month (lower rates for singles), subscribers can:

  • Connect with a doctor, nutritionist, mental counsellor, or other licensed practitioners

  • Have a prescription sent to their local drugstore for pickup or delivery

  • Ask an advisor to review billings by other medical providers, for example, a hospital bill for services rendered that seem to be invoiced at an excessive amount, or rate, for the services delivered to the patient 


Project: No Poverty

Program: Jobs for artisans!

Outcomes: The profits from purchases funds Memory Trees, a charitable foundation registered as tax-exempt under IRS Code 501.c.3. We create jobs & offer people a path out of poverty. We teach our artisans to focus on quality while making affordable, handmade products. 

Cost: Visit our SHOP to view the products. Our profits fund ZeroHunger and other technology solutions, that create better access to resources for health, for people in need.

HQ: 120 S. Olive Ave, Ste 402, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

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