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New Projects

Innovation in the social impact sector can seem intimidating and unreachable. For example, nonprofit organizations tackle critical and complex community challenges to address a lack of affordable housing, accessible food, shelter, health care and safety.


ZeroHunger is our latest innovative app that 'moves the needle' by connecting people who are food insecure, to sources of food. We offer lean innovation boot camps, tailored to nonprofit and social impact organizations. We assist nonprofits by using technology. This also helps with sustainability. Our goal is to facilitate and reinvent thinking and programs, to better serve all stakeholders.

As an environmental activist organization, we work to educate people about STEAM-related topics. Stewardship and program partners include:

  • United Nations: Serving a 4-year Consultative Status term (2016), U.N. ECOSOC;

  • FL State Department of Economic Opportunity, Vocational Rehabilitation;

  • Educational institutions, after-school programs facilitators, and faith-based organizations;

  • Community organizations and/or thought leaders for educational workshops; and

  • Medium- and/or large corporations for whom we create, organize and manage volunteer community revitalization projects for their employees, affiliates, etc.

Clients: Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Program: Business Startup | Financial Management | Financial Literacy

Outcomes: Equipping aspiring entrepreneurs with all the knowledge and tools required... to go from zero (concept) to hero (execution)!

Target audience: People with business ideas, passion and a willingness to turn their dreams into action.

Curriculum includes:

  • Leadership: An introduction to self-employment, and balancing stress, family and business

  • Financial Management: Personal financial management + understanding balance sheets and P&L

  • Business legislative requirements: Types of entities, registrations, intellectual property, etc.

  • Startup: Financial resources, understanding taxes, readiness tools and requirements, etc.

  • Startup launch and go-to-market strategy 

We are a Social Impact Investment Corporation, working to end poverty:

  1. We develop micro mixed-used properties where people can live, work, and play;

  2. We offer urban visioning, design and formal gap analysis research projects & studies for developers and public/private landowners;

  3. We act as and investment consulting firm to allow investors to allocate and deploy capital for social impact, as we assist in building the capital stack

Today, clients leverage our deal structuring, property revitalization, design, and investment expertise to potentially rehabilitate under-served real estate. We are also uniquely positioned to help potential investors and project sponsors take advantage of the Qualified Opportunity Zone program. We work to transform social liabilities into social assets.