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Memory Trees LLC manages the Memory Trees Equity Fund. We work with clients in a collaborative, customer-focused, and supportive manner to provide value-based investment growth via investment into real assets and commodities.

Memory Trees Corporation is our family's charitable foundation with a Mission of "Giving Back Life... In Abundance!" The organization directly and jointly invests in community revitalization programs and projects.

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We also directly fund and manage projects for artists and artisans to support job creation and to help them to achieve financial sustainability via our ongoing arts program: Arts Alive | Arte Vivo.

A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from THE DIVISION OF CONSUMER SERVICES or by calling 1.800.435.7352 toll-free within Florida. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the State of FL.

Registered as tax-exempt under IRS Code 501(c)3


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