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Community Development

We invite socially minded foundations, corporations, and funders to join Memory Trees in creating meaningful, lasting partnerships globally. Together we manage, invest and support economic development. We deliver community upliftment programs near project sites of major international corporations. Local education, training, and employment opportunities benefit the funding corporation, its employees, and their greater communities. Projects include:​

  • Education: providing top-quality education to learners from low-income communities

  • Jobs: we fund artisanal programs that help artisans to provide for themselves and their families. Solar cooking (and training) in rural areas helps villagers to replace a reliance on existing finite, and potentially harmful sources of energy.

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Giving Accounts

Memory Trees manages Giving Accounts for global corporations and socially minded investors, helping them to send money to registered charities around the world.

We invite corporations, high net worth individuals, family offices, and smaller donors to discuss their ongoing giving programs with us to learn how our Giving Accounts program works.

For corporations, our Giving Accounts offer an easy-to-manage and cost effective way to expand employee donation programs to international employees who would also like to contribute to community upliftm
ent initiatives. For individuals, it is a great way to learn about charitable giving with impact, hands-on investing & asset management, generational wealth creation/transfer, and more.

Contact us to inquire about program & services fees.

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Giving Solutions

Charity has no borders! We help U.S. donors to donate to charities around the world.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the U.S, capital markets, a unique and powerful process has developed into a highly successful model that offers significant benefits for all participating stakeholders:

  • Registered global charities

  • Brokers, wealth managers and financial advisors

  • Individual and corporate philanthropists and taxpayers

  • Energy and mineral resource exploration companies & investors


Our capital markets expertise and innovate ability to structure deals that elicit the greatest possible benefits, make Memory Trees a recognized and trusted partner in Giving Solutions. If you’re looking for the smartest way to make an impact, you’ve found it!

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Get accurate books delivered monthly! Memory Trees offers comprehensive bookkeeping services to public charities, family offices, charitable foundations, and socially minded investors.

We use user friendly bookkeeping technology that can offer user access to your organization's "executive in charge", thereby helping to eliminate common errors. We will guide you from set-up to 
"live", and then help you to understand the ins-and-outs of your organizational finances.

For an additional fee, we can provide complementary back-office e.g., payroll & accounts payable, and "rent-a-CFO" services. Memory Trees is not a public accounting or tax advisory firm, and does not provide services that would require a license to practice public accountancy.

Donate Equity or Cash

Memory Trees uses TD Ameritrade as Clearing Firm. The attached PDF form provides clearing information for direct donations of equities/stocks, funds and/or larger cash amounts from your investment account to Memory Trees. Please contact us to discuss larger distributions of assets and/or the creation & ongoing management of a structured financial donation & giving program.

Memory Trees offers a simple solution for tax-efficient giving, in support of the causes donors care about. We create Giving Accounts within our trust investment portfolio, and then manage ongoing distributions to charities that donors wish to support. We take care of governance, administration & reporting requirements, allowing donors to enjoy giving without complications. This service is ideally suited to donors who give $20,000 or more annually.

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